La recherche, je t’adore!

Yes, I love research. It’s kind of a sickness. To me, it’s not just an essential part of the writing process, but something that I truly enjoy. I’m never happier than when I spend a ridiculous amount of time delving into such things as predestination paradox theory, the history of New York City’s Grand Central Depot, the origin of the name “Isle of Wight,” and famous quotes by Prince. Or when I spend a few seconds on how to say “research, I adore you” in French.

As for eating something before writing about it… well, I must admit that I have extensive experience in this area. I’ve written two food and/or drink-related articles for Citizen (a Rochester, NY magazine), which required quite a bit of tasty research. Also, I’m a contributing writer for 2eat2drink (my amazing photographer husband’s food & bev blog), so we try lots of yummy stuff that we then write about. Here’s one of my favorite blog post goodies:

Balsamic rosemary prosciutto-wrapped fresh figs, courtesy of

Doesn’t that picture make you hungry? I think I’d better head to the kitchen and see if there’s any more research to be done…


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3 Responses to La recherche, je t’adore!

  1. 2eat2drink says:

    Contributing writer is too modest, my dear. You are also my superb editor, co-taster, and most importantly…my muse!

  2. davidwfraser says:

    Sure, you get balsamic rosemary prosciutto-wrapped fresh figs. I get prunes.

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