Gotta keep those legs warm!

Do you remember another integral component of Xanadu? Leg warmers. Yes, Olivia Newton-John’s Kira and her fellow muses danced and skated to the beat in their leg warmers. As a young girl, I was taken with this strange new attire. Living in Florida at the time, there was no need to keep one’s legs warm, hence the lack of leg warmers in our local stores. Believe me, we looked. My friends and I loved the look, though, and sought some way to emulate our new fashion icon. Fortunately, my mom had a stroke of genius: cloth diapers. We got all dolled up in flowing, Kira-esque garments, laced on our roller skates, and stood still while my mom carefully pinned cloth diapers around our calves, scrunching them to ’80’s perfection. We then went out into the cul-de-sec where my friend Tina lived and put on a show for all the neighborhood (or, at least, those unlucky enough to be outside at the time). Oh, if only I had pictures of that particular life-phase!

O.N.J. rockin’ the leg warmers.

And to my brother Dave, I’m honored (albeit a bit scared) to be your kindred writing spirit. Just remember that it all started at Parkside.


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Published novelist and Disney World fanatic. Thanks for coming along on this wild ride!
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