Great Quotes in Literature: I’m leaving you, Luke!

I just read this Yahoo article about Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward, and it got me thinking about one of my favorite books when I was younger: The Thorn Birds. Colleen McCullough’s sweeping love story set in the Australian outback was published in 1977, and came to my attention as a result of the 1983 mini-series. Although there are many memorable quotes from both the book and the television adaptation, the one that stays with me to this day is, “I’m leaving you, Luke.”

Now, in the book, main character Meggie actually says to her no-account husband Luke, “I’m deserting you – or at least that’s the way the courts in this country will see it.”

In the mini-series, during Meggie’s big scene where she gets up the courage to escape from her wholly unhealthy marriage, she says to Luke, among other things,  “I’m leaving you.”

In my loveably wacky family, the quote has been morphed for our own usage as such: “I’m leaving you, Luke!” Preferably, this is said in a haughty manner and with a quasi-Australian accent. We’ve come to use this for almost any occasion in which one is leaving anything – the room, the state, the country. You can even use it in place of “excuse me, but I have to go now.” It’s really quite multi-purpose, not to mention fun to say!

Go on… try it. “I’m leaving you, Luke!”

My beloved Thorn Birds.


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