Happy Birthday, Dear Co-Author

photo-1-davy bday-p

Yes, today is Dave’s birthday! And not just any birthday; it’s the big 4-0. As it says in his bio:

“David Fraser was born on March 25, 1973. March 25, incidentally, is International Waffle Day (Varfudagn in Sweden) and Tolkien Reading Day (The Ring was destroyed on March 25). Elton John shares his birthday. So next March 25, you should eat a waffle while reading Lord of the Rings and listening to Rocket Man. I know Dave will.”

Sounds like we’re in for quite a party! If you could celebrate your birthday in any-way-you-want, sky’s-the-limit fashion, what would you do?

Happy birthday, little bro!

Happy birthday, little bro!


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5 Responses to Happy Birthday, Dear Co-Author

  1. Mary W. says:

    Happy Birthday Dave! Wishing you a year filled with wonderful things!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dave! Is that a cookie monster cake in the photo. That’s awesome! 😀

  3. davidwfraser says:

    Well, so far I’ve listened to Rocket Man (Elton John’s Greatest Hits is in the CD player in my car). I also plan on having waffles for dinner and reading another installment of The Hobbit to my daughter at bed time. So it looks like I’ll actually do all those things.

  4. S. Durham says:

    Happy Birthday Dave! Enjoy those waffles:)

    Cheers, Sara

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