The Lowville Parade; you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Dave and I recently went to the 193rd Lewis County Fair. It’s a sweet little country fair with a surprisingly good midway. The kids enjoyed the rides, the adults enjoyed the food, and we all loved the parade that took place on opening night. I can guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like it!

It seems like every business, organization, fire department, and politician in the area participates in this parade. Since Kraft Foods has a factory in Lowville, one of their tractor-trailers makes an appearance. Where else can you see a parade with something like that!?

Some of the highlights (for me, at least) included: an entire garden (even trees) on a flatbed, a steel drum band on a float, a Chinese dragon, and a man carving a statue out of a tree trunk using a chain saw while riding on a float.

Another highlight is that most of the paraders hand out candy to the crowd, while the Kraft folks throw cheese. Last year, I was hit in the head by a flying packet of cream cheese. It was awesome!

Kraft cart-p

A little piece of Kraft history in the Lowville parade.


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