Beam Us Up, Scotty Jr.

After a long, early-starting morning of working at the annual community pancake breakfast on Saturday, all we wanted to do was crash on a couch somewhere and maybe watch a little television. The kids, however, had other plans. As it turned out, last Saturday was also RocCon, Rochester’s SciFi, comic book, anime, horror, and gaming convention. Dave’s oldest daughter and my oldest son lobbied to go. Our fatigue, combined with massive downpours, conspired to keep us from going, but we begrudgingly dragged ourselves off the to Rochester Armory. In hindsight, we can’t believe we almost didn’t go. It was pretty darn awesome.

The highlight, for us grown-ups, was meeting singer/vascular technologist Chris Doohan. Right about now, you might be saying to yourself, “Huh?” If the last name sounds familiar, he’s not only the son of Star Trek legend James Doohan (Scotty from the original Star Trek), but he’s been in three Star Trek movies. In addition to this unparalleled coolness, he has recreated his father’s iconic role, portraying Mr. Scott in Star Trek Continues. This web series picks up where the original series left off, three years into the Enterprise’s five year mission. It’s very well done, and we highly recommend that you check it out.

Brainerd, the super nice Chris Doohan, and Fraser.

Brainerd, the super nice Chris Doohan, and Fraser.

By a happy accident, we managed to time our trip to VIP Row during the costume contest. This made for short lines, and we were able to stand and chat with Chris for a spell. What a nice guy!

Dave and I each bought a Dilithium Crystal at RocCon. Yeah, we were gettin' our geek on.

Dave and I each bought a Dilithium Crystal at RocCon. Yeah, we were gettin’ our geek on.

RocCon is now on our official to-do list for next year. We’re already planning our group costumes. Steampunk My Little Pony, anyone?


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