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During a recent trip to New Orleans, one thing I really wanted to do was take a ghost tour. I did my research (side note: I love research!) and settled on Historic New Orleans Tours Inc.

Our tour guide, Augustine, was pretty great. She gave us the history and background on the various haunted locations we visited without sensationalizing it. One of the places she took us to was the Bourbon Orleans Hotel. In the ballroom, she told us the tale of a young woman who pined away in that room until one night when she was found dead in the corner. I took a picture of the corner:


It just looked like a camera malfunction to me, but Augustine said it was an orb. She urged me to share the picture, and I heard a few gasps of disbelief among my fellow tourists.

So, what do you think – ghost orb, or non-paranormal photographic anomaly?

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11 Responses to Ghost Post

  1. marsharwest says:

    Oh, my goodness, Heather! Wow! I think you caught something for sure. Did you feel cold in the room? My only experience with what I thought was a spirit, I felt a definite chill. I’ll share this blog!

    • HFBrainerd says:

      Yes, I did feel a chill. And not only that… I felt an indescribable emotion. As soon as our tour guide started talking about the quadroon balls (which the unfortunate young lady attended before becoming a resident ghost), I started to choke up. It was weird. Once we left the building, I was fine again. And thank you for the share!

  2. My camera did that in an old theatre on Broadway in New York. Maybe there were a lot of ghosts there.

  3. Interesting photo, Heather. In the past I had taken a photo out in the snow on a calm evening and it showed up with a sweeping up motion of what a friend said was a spirit.

    Who knows? Your photo…I’m skeptical. My vote is for a camera malfunction. But it is more fun to think it is a spirit.

    Susan Bernhardt
    The Ginseng Conspiracy coming in 1/14
    MuseItUp Pubishing

    • HFBrainerd says:

      I tend to be pretty grounded, but felt a definite vibe of… something… in that ballroom. And yes, Susan, it’s much more fun to think of that bright blob as a spirit than a malfunction!

  4. That’s definitely curious, Heather! Even if it’s a coincidence, it’s a very strange one! I would love to do a ghost tour round New Orleans. I bet you heard many a spooky story! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    • HFBrainerd says:

      Helena, if you get the chance, you should definitely do a ghost tour. New Orleans is fabulous – food, drinks, music, history, gorgeousness everywhere. But there must be some “haunted” places on your side of the pond, too!

  5. Veronica says:

    Last October my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in New Orleans. We stayed at the Bourbon Orleans. We checked in on a quiet afternoon. The lobby was nearly empty. As we were walking toward the elevator the doors automatically opened. Not thinking much of it we walked in. As I was turning around to face the front of the elevator something (or someone) pulled on my hair clip. It was a good, hard pull. At the same time my husband felt something brush the top of his head. No one else was in the elevator with us. Today I was reading about a lady who haunts the elevator. I was skeptical but now I believe. Sorry for my long post.

    • HFBrainerd says:

      No need to apologize, Veronica – thanks for sharing your story! We didn’t stay at the Bourbon Orleans, just visited during our ghost tour. But now I want to stay there!

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