Author Christina Weigand visits

Today we welcome Young Adult Christian Fantasy author Christina Weigand. Her new release, Sanctuary of Nine Dragons, is the latest in The Twelve Pillars Series.

Brainerd & Fraser: We like that your books combine two genres. How do you meld Christian with Fantasy?

Christina Weigand: It wasn’t a conscious effort at first. I love fantasy and my faith is a big part of who I am. Both were bound to come out in what I wrote. I had a message that I felt needed to be shared. My dragons and fantasy world were the avenues in which I chose to share it.

B&F: Your books deal with issues of loyalty and faith. These are pretty heavy topics. How do you make this accessible to the YA audience?

CW: Brandan and Joachim started out the trilogy as fifteen year olds facing issues that most teens face.  It is the way the princes stumble and fumble through these issues that makes it accessible to the YA audience. The princes (and later kings), the young people introduced in Sanctuary, and today’s teens are all confronted with these issues and have to make choices. I tried to have my characters make choices and deal with things that today’s young person would have to face.

B&F: What is your favorite Fantasy book or series?

CW: That’s a hard one. There are so many out there. Of course there is the biggies like Tolkein and Lewis. Terry Goodkind was probably the one that started me on my path. Bryan Davis, Wayne Thomas Baston and Donita K Paul rank pretty high in influencing my work.

B&F: You have a middle-school-aged child. We both do, too.  Our kids like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Dungeons & Dragons. (Yes, we’ve taught them well!) Does your daughter share your love of Fantasy?

CW: Yes and no. She loves Harry Potter, still hasn’t quite grasped Lord of the Rings. I think she is more into urban fantasy, like Hunger Games and dare I say it the Twilight Series. (My fault, I started her on them, then decided maybe they weren’t so great. But she is thirteen and doesn’t see my wisdom yet.) Unfortunately she loves books, but doesn’t read as much as I would like.

B&F: If you could have one magic power, what would it be?

CW: A way to get the words from my head to the paper without the use of a keyboard or pen.

Now it’s time for what we call the “rapid-fire round.” Here we go!

Book or movie? Book

Carousel or roller coaster? Roller Coaster

Coffee or tea? Tea

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Elvis or The Beatles? Both

Great answers! Now here’s a little bit more about the book:

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons 333x500

Joachim banishes Brandan to the prison island of Hyogo. His infant son, Prince Airyn disappears from his cradle. A chain of events is set in motion that will pit brother against brother, friend against friend, parents against children as Brandan and Joachim struggle for control of their sanity and their very lives.

With Brandan declared dead, and his son missing, Joachim sinks into despair and anger, where those close to him fear he may never return.

Is Brandan really dead and if he is, who is manipulating the Mantion and enemies of Crato?

Can Maeve save her country and her husband from the tentacles of evil pervading the land?


“I have sent one who can save them, but he can also bring about their final destruction.

“You, my Guardians, must seek him out. Protect him and ensure he is guided on the right paths.”

Alorn lifted his great, ruby-red head. “Tell us who is he, Lord, that we may fulfill Your wishes.”

“I cannot reveal his identity…yet. Just know there are three who need you now. My power will be seen in all, but only one will be the savior in the end. However, all are needed to bring My Will about and they must all be protected and nurtured.”

“How will we know them?” Stefano leaned forward.

“All will be children of Brandan or Joachim and they will blend the lineage of the three races.”

“We know of Joachim’s children, but Brandan has none.”

“He has one, a half Mantion-half human child. Gorou is the third and he will be the hardest to protect and nurture.”

“Why a child of Brandan?” Cielo asked. “Brandan has already chosen the path of evil time and again. Would not a child of his be exposed to that same evil?”

“Although, he fathered the child, Brandan knows not of his existence.”

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons is available from MuseItUp Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.


Christina Weigand’s a writer, wife, and mother of three grown children and a middle school daughter. She is also Nana to three granddaughters. She lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Pennsylvania, returning there after a short sabbatical in Washington. Currently, she’s working on fantasy novels and inspirational writing. Through her writing, she strives to share the Word of God and help people young and old to realize the love and mercy He has for everyone.

When she’s not writing, she’s active in her local Church as a lector, Bible Study, or with the church theater group, volunteering at her daughter and granddaughter’s school in the library as well as helping the children develop a love for reading and writing. Jesus fills her home with love as she shares Him through her writing.

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6 Responses to Author Christina Weigand visits

  1. Thank you for letting me stop in and talk about my writing and books.

  2. Good to get to know you here, Chris. I love Heather and David’s questions. And I really love your superpower! That would be brilliant. Maybe one day in the future, it will actually be possible 🙂 Good luck with your release!

  3. Leona Pence says:

    Great interview, Chris and B&F. Nice to read more about you Chris, as a fellow Muser and F2Ker. Your books sound very interesting. I’d admire you for allowing your faith to shine through them.

    Best wishes,


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