Anecdotes and knock-knock jokes: a visit with Beth Overmyer

Joining us today is fellow MuseItUp author Beth Overmyer. A couple months back, Beth put a lovely post on her blog: “ask not what your blog can do for you, but what your blog can do for your community.” She offered up such things as interviews, cover reveals, research help, anecdotes, and knock-knock jokes. We think the last two were a joke, but we might ask her for them anyways! 🙂

Brainerd & Fraser: Welcome, Beth! Your book, In a Pickle, is a Middle Grade adventure. What inspired you to write in this genre?

Beth Overmyer: Hi, Heather and David! Thanks for having me. What made me choose MG was my younger sense of humor. They say write what you love to read, so MG adventure seemed like a good choice for me.

B&F: Your main character, Charlie Pickle, can travel through time. We love stories about time travel! Does Charlie have any control over when and where he travels?

Beth: Poor Charlie. No, he has absolutely no control over the when or the where. I’m planning a prequel that explains how this “curse/habit” of his came about, but it’s on the back-burner at the moment.

B&F: Oo, a prequel! Fabulous idea! What is your favorite time travel book, show, or movie?

Beth: This isn’t time travel, but I used to love this show called “Early Edition.” It’s about a man who gets tomorrow’s newspaper…today. It made me think, “Wow, if I had that kind of power in my hands, how would I use it?” Very thought provoking and entertaining.

B&F: That sounds awesome! We understand that your interests include reading, writing, and cats. Since the rest of this interview deals with the first two, do you have a cute kitty anecdote for us?

Beth: Sure! I love talking about my cats. My first fur-baby, Susie, was a boy. Yeah, the lady we got him from said it was a male, but you know how that sort of thing goes. Anyway, during the winters, our farm house got very, very cold (we didn’t have any insulation.) Susie would crawl under the covers with my mom and curl up around her toes. We called him Mom’s foot-warmer.

B&F: Awww… Love it! Your blog mentioned free knock knock jokes. Care to share one with us?

Beth: Hmm…Knock knock!

B&F: Who’s there?

Beth: Boo.

B&F: Boo who?

Beth: Don’t cry, it’s only a knock-knock joke! (Sorry, that’s the lamest one I know!)

B&F: Ah, but the classics never go out of style. 🙂

Time for the rapid-fire round! *bites nails*

Quantum Leap or Doctor Who? Can I choose Sherlock? Absolutely! We were going more for a time travel show, in honor of Charlie Pickle, but we love Sherlock, too!

Cleveland or Cincinnati? Cleveland.

Winter or summer? Pfft, summer!

Calico or tiger-striped? Tiger-striped.

Elvis or The Beatles? The Beatles.

Thanks for coming by, Beth. This was fun!

inapickle 200x300

Charlie Pickle can’t stay put in the year 1920, due to an annoying habit of time-traveling. On a trip back to 1910, he meets a man with a secret. Murder makes the headlines that day, and Charlie’s new friend knows who the guilty party is. Now, not only does Charlie have bullies and murderers to contend with, he’s got some history to fix.

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17 Responses to Anecdotes and knock-knock jokes: a visit with Beth Overmyer

  1. Did you mean the lady who gave you the kitten said it was female? lol. Interesting read. The knock knock joke was severely handicapped. Wish I could think of one to add to the list.

  2. LRS says:

    In A Pickle sounds intriguing! I’ve added it to my goodreads TBR list. I’ll skip the knock knock jokes though, unfortunately we have a big barrel of Laffy Taffies at home, and I have to suffer through all the lame jokes my kids are reading off to me!

  3. linuxjim says:

    A: Knock knock.
    B. Who’s there?
    A: Banana.
    B. Banana who?
    A: Knock knock.
    B. Who’s there?
    A: Banana.
    B. Banana who?
    A: Knock knock.
    B. Who’s there?
    A: Banana.
    B. Banana who?
    A: Knock knock.
    B. Who’s there?
    A: Orange.
    B. Orange who?
    A. Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana again?

  4. Thanks for interviewing me, Heather! 😀

  5. Lovely interview, Heather and Beth! We bought my daughter two rats when she was a teenager (her request 🙂 She loves animals), and the man in the pet shop said they were two females. Six weeks later we had seven rats. It was a bit of a surprise!

  6. J.Q. Rose says:

    What a fun, entertaining interview. I’d love to be one of your kids,Beth. My first cat was Sugar Plum, a huge orange striped cat. Our last cat was a gray cat. No more clever names though. We called her Gray. Knock jokes? Aren’t they all oldies?? LOL How about this– You start.
    Say Knock, knock
    I ask, Who’s there?
    Ha. Gotcha.
    In a Pickle sounds like a great read for kids or kids at heart.

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