Between Tweens: Middle Grade Author S.L. Carlson

Fellow MuseItUp author Madeleine McLaughlin came up with the idea for a few middle grade (MG) authors to ask each other some questions, and then answer the questions on each other’s blogs. Brilliant, right!? Her initial email called it “Between Tweens,” and I think that’s perfect. Our first Between Tweens guest is S.L. Carlson. Her tween fantasy War Unicorn will be out this summer from MuseItUp Publishing. What’s it about? When Reg finds a unicorn bound in a ring, his simple task of returning her to the king is anything but simple. Now for our questions!

What drew you to writing for tweens?

SLC: I loved my tween years. That time falls between the innocence of childhood and the shock of realizing adulthood as a teen. There is so much change going on both around tweens and inside their heads and inside their bodies. Cool.

What is your favorite thing about War Unicorn?

SLC: I love the feisty unicorn, Neighbor, who is both old and wise and pretty much a ditz with what been going on when she’s not called on to be a War Unicorn.

What is your greatest ambition?

SLC: To live well and to tell as many stories as I can.

What gives you the creepy-crawlies?

SLC: When my husband hits his chest in the middle of the night, jumps out of bed and turns on the light, and then whispers, “Don’t move!” Naturally, I’m on the other side of the bedroom with my slippers in my hand to beat off whatever by the time the “v” sound has finished sounding from his lips. Doesn’t he know that my imagination is so much bigger than some spider?

If you could give a bit of advice to your tween self, what would it be?

SLC: Have fun. Make friends. Laugh as much and as often and as loud as you can.

Find S.L. Carlson on her blog and website.

Find S.L. Carlson’s MG fantasy Star Opening here.

Hop on over to Madeleine McLaughlin’s blog to see how I answered her questions!

Also on the blog hop are Suzanne de Montigny and S.L. Carlson. Hope to see you there!


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8 Responses to Between Tweens: Middle Grade Author S.L. Carlson

  1. Great questions! Your answer about the creepy crawlies made me laugh, SLC. In my house it’s the other way round. I let out a blood curdling scream, and my husband thinks there’s an axe murderer behind him 🙂 Strangely, he never thinks it’s funny!

  2. Loren says:

    Oh, SLC, you’re husband sounds like quite the gentleman! Good luck with War Unicorn, and best regards to Heather and the others.

  3. A ditzy unicorn – adorable! Good luck with War Unicorn!

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