Bundle up on Black Friday

Hey there, folks. This is Dave, bringing you a special Black Friday blog. In the spirit of the day, I will first try to make you buy something you don’t want or need. The second book in the José Picada, P.I. series, The Sound of Sirens, will soon be celebrating its first birthday. It is also included in a new bundle of mystery books from MuseItUp Publishing, titled Sirens on Death Starke Blvd. Also included in this bundle is Starke Naked Dead by Conda V. Douglas, Death Scene by Sara-Jayne Townsend, and Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q. Rose, available November 28 at an e-reader near you. Get it on Amazon now for the low, low price of only $1.99. Wait, did I just say that you can get four fantastic books for the low, low price of only $1.99? Yes, I did. Don’t believe me? Check it out here. And while you’re at it, check out these Black Friday posts from our fellow bundlers J.Q. RoseConda Douglas, and Sara-Jayne Townsend.

So there’s the sales pitch. Now onto more interesting stuff. Last year, we brought you a report on Thanksgiving leftovers by father and son duo Arthur and Al Simpson. This time around, we’ll let them tell you what they made for the big day itself. Take it away, Al and Arthur.

Al: A typical Thanksgiving is just me and my father. This year, however, my brother Jim came to town with his family. This meant two things. First, I was cooking for a lot more people. Second, I had to make it even more awesome than usual. It doesn’t matter how old we get, me and my brother will always have a running game of one-upsmanship. So the turkey had to be the best ever. I gave it the regular brushed coating of olive oil and seasoning, but the real kicker was what I put on the inside. Some people pack the bird full of stuffing, which might taste good, but it can mess with the cooking. I put in rosemary, thyme, garlic, onion slices, and orange wedges. It flavored the turkey from the inside out. And I’m happy to say that Jim had four helpings of turkey. I win.

Al turkey

Arthur: My contribution to the dinner was in the vegetable department. Namely, the green beans. I will share my special recipe. Follow it and your family/guests will ooh and ah with delight.

1) Open a can of green beans

2) Pour them into a pan

3) Cook them on the stove

4) Put them in a bowl

5) Turn off the oven before you burn the house down

6) Season with salt, pepper, cinnamon, and lemon juice

7) Rinse them off and season again, this time with just salt and pepper

green beans

So there’s our annual Simpson Family Thanksgiving report. Thanks, guys. I’d now like to share something completely unrelated, and completely useless. For the past few years, I wanted to start up a Dancing With The Stars Fantasy League. I finally got around to it for Season 19, which ended a few days ago. We had a draft and everything. I’d like to announce that the winner of our league, the person that drafted Alfonso Ribeiro, the real life winner, was none other than Heather Fraser Brainerd, the older half of Brainerd & Fraser. Pure chance, really. There wasn’t any skill involved. I mean, he was the clear favorite. On the whole, everyone in our league ranked him far above everyone else before the season started. All her victory means is that a random algorithm gave her the top draft pick. So congratulations, Heather, on your completely arbitrary victory. And no, I’m not bitter that my dancer was the first eliminated.

About Heather Brainerd

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9 Responses to Bundle up on Black Friday

  1. J.Q. Rose says:

    Congrats Heather! Too bad David! So what was the prize? New dancing shoes? Thanks for the Simpson family update and recipe, but I don’t do canned green beans anymore. I think you must’ve been a salesman in your former life. Great sales pitch for the book bundle. Glad to be hopping around cyberspace with you and Heather!

  2. Love the humor in this post! And in our family, we do the same with the vegetable, only it’s frozen peas.

  3. Love it, Dave! Actually I like the sound of rosemary, thyme, garlic, onion slices, and orange wedges in the turkey. I will try that some year.

    Congrats on the book bundle!

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