The newest José Picada cover is here!

The third installment of our José Picada, P.I., series will release on February 3, 2015. We just received our cover art, and it’s killer:

act of abduction300dpi

Josie P. Cates, P.I., springs back into action when an old colleague from her insurance days calls in desperate need of a detective. A number of his claimants have gone missing, and the police are eyeing him as a suspect. Josie embarks on the case while simultaneously juggling friends and relationships, only to find that the case leads her back to a former adversary. With another foray into the dark and mystical looming before her, will Josie find the strength for one more supernatural battle? Or will she just go for a pizza with her new boyfriend?

Preorder Act of Abduction now from MuseItUp Publishing or Amazon for the special price of $2.99.

So, what do you think of the cover? Let us know in the comments.


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19 Responses to The newest José Picada cover is here!

  1. Heather and David, it’s different than your other José Picada, P.I. book covers that I really liked, but I also like this one a lot. It’s striking and will surely get noticed. Great job! It’s a winner!

    And great blurb!

  2. Oh, I love it! I can’t wait for release. And I agree with Susan – great blurb!

  3. J.Q. Rose says:

    Eye catching cover. Very mysterious feel to it. Love the slash of red on the letters. Blood??? Ewwww. Can’t wait to get ahold of this one!! Congrats and best wishes!

  4. Love the silvery blue. Congratulations!

  5. Heather G says:

    Love the hints of red. The bow tie, her lips and of course the spots of blood on the font. Well done.
    the other Heather

  6. Beverly says:

    It’s perfect. Sure gets your attention.

  7. Eric Price says:

    This looks great guys. If possible, I’d like to have you on my blog in the next few weeks. We can talk about the first two books, including my reviews of them, and maybe get a hint or three about this one.

  8. Eric Price says:

    P.S. I pre-ordered it, and so should everyone else.

  9. Definitely eye catching and love the hints of red and maybe blood?? Good luck with this.

  10. Mary Waibel says:

    Love it Heather and David! It has a very film noir feel to it to me. Congrats on the upcoming release!!

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