Horno Fácil… or however you say “Easy Bake Oven” in Spanish

So you’ve probably been sitting around, saying to yourself, “Hey, February is almost over. Shouldn’t Dave have put up a blog post about the United Nations International Year of Light Technology, or whatever the heck it was called?” Well, if you thought that, you were right. February is almost over and I should have a blog post about the Light Year thing. Also, no doubt your calendar, like mine, has today marked as Dominican Republic Independence Day. So how about some Dominican inspired fried mini meat pies?

Hang on a second. Let’s back up. Forget the fried part. We’re using the Easy Bake Oven.

We’ll start with the filling. Our little meat pie (or pastelito) can have just about anything we want inside. Personally, I’d go with something bacon-oriented, but I couldn’t find a good Dominican recipe with bacon. So we’re going with beef. I used this recipe as a basis, but changed it a little, using one large tomato, pepper, and onion, along with a pound of beef, about half a head of garlic, salt, and pepper.

Easy-Baked Meat Filling

Easy-Baked Meat Filling

Once this was nice and mixed in the food processor, it was time for the crust, which came from here. The amounts listed would make way more than I needed, so I halved everything.

The pastelitos were assembled, brushed with oil, and thrown in the Easy Bake for ten minutes. They came out paler, not to mention a little drier, than if they had been fried, but they were still darn good.


Easy-Baked Pastelitos

Stay tuned next month as we travel to the distant, exotic location of Cleveland, Ohio… Same Easy Bake time, same Easy Bake channel.


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5 Responses to Horno Fácil… or however you say “Easy Bake Oven” in Spanish

  1. J.Q. Rose says:

    Pastelito in the E z Bake-elito. Si Si! Great idea. Doesn’t look good tho. You said it tasted good. What is your discriminating taste number from 1-10? Ten being the chefs in the world are envious of this dish. And 1 being the pigs or dogs or goats walked away after sniffing it. I must say I applaud your creativity. Looking forward to March event now!!

    • They were good, not great. Maybe about a 6. Next time (I doubt there will be a next time for these), I might take them out and brush them with oil a second or third time. There was a lot of left over filling and dough, so I fried up a batch. Not only did they look better (nice and golden), but they were probably an 8. I could only stop eating them when they were gone. Unfortunately, this was about the Easy Bake Oven and not my frying pan, so I couldn’t talk about that.

  2. That is quite the feat making a pastlito in an Easy Bake Oven. The little meat pie looks and sounds delicious! We love meat pies at our house. I can’t wait until this month’s recipe.

  3. Loca Gringa says:

    Jajaja, well if you Easy Baked in DR, I’ld say you were very lucky. Lucky because many do without electricity and let alone have a light in the house much less an EB oven. Made me lol really really loud!

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