Talking Doctor Who with author Kyla Phillips


On May 5th, MuseItUp Publishing will release Agent of Light by Kyla Phillips. Before then, she’s making the rounds at a number of blogs to promote the book. We’ve been there and done that. It gets a little repetitive, answering the same questions over and over, for the author and anyone following the tour, so we’re going to do something different. We’re going to ignore her book and just talk about Doctor Who.

Brainerd & Fraser: We understand that, much like ourselves, you’re a Doctor Who fan.

Kyla Phillips: OMG yes. One of my earliest memories of watching TV was watching Doctor Who with my mom. Daleks terrify me to this day (shivers).

B&F: Which incarnation of The Doctor is your favourite? (Notice we used the British spelling, even though our autocorrect thinks it’s wrong.)

KP: I know it might seem odd, but just over a year ago my favourites were a tie between five and nine. They both had moments when them came across true marvels and celebrated them with such glee. Then Capaldi came on the scene with such fire he blew me away. So today, twelve (or thirteen if you’re a purest) is my doctor. I mean who doesn’t love a man with attack eyebrows.

B&F: Though we many not agree with you (or each other) on this, that was a brilliant answer. Mainly because of the eyebrows. Well done! Favourite companion?

KP: Donna Noble, hands down. She is the type of companion I would hope to be. She loved being with him, loved the adventure, but she always remained Donna.

B&F: Now this we agree with completely. If you could travel anywhere in time and space, where/when would you go?

KP: Pluto first (which is still a planet in my mind). Then as many other planets and as far into the future as I could go.

B&F: How about your TARDIS? Is it stuck as a police box or something else?

KP: Have to go with classic police box. There’s just something so ballsy about setting a police box down in the heart of ancient Egypt.

B&F: What color is your sonic screwdriver?

KP: Purple, just ‘cause.

And now on to the rapid fire round!

Rose Tyler or Clara Oswald? Clara the impossible girl

Daleks or Weeping Angels? OMG Daleks, please not the Daleks. I will cry.

Russell Davies or Steven Moffat? No comment.

Jelly Babies or Jammy Dodgers? Jelly Babies.

Really Long Scarf or Bowtie? Bowtie because bowties are cool, duh.

Brilliant or Shut Up? Shutty up up up.

B&F: Well, there’s Kyla’s take on all (well, not all, more like some) things Gallifreyan. And since we have a bit more room here at the end, maybe we should talk about Agent of Light. Kyla, anything you’d like to say about your book?

KP: If you want more than the vamp vs. werewolf recycle Agent of Light is the Urban Fantasy for you. It has fallen angels pitted against fire elementals, with half-naked jinn running around, and a very large black puma that loves sleeping on a crème-colored couch. Vayne Andrews is a powerful bounty hunter and her prey is nothing short of explosive.


If you’d care to learn more about Kyla, aside from her views on Doctor Who, other, more writer-oriented, interviews can be found here, here, and here.

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Connect with Kyla on Facebook and Twitter. Find her books on Amazon and MuseItUp Publishing.


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4 Responses to Talking Doctor Who with author Kyla Phillips

  1. Thanks for having me on. I loved talking Who. I don’t get to do it often enough

  2. J.Q. Rose says:

    Ummm, okay. I didn’t understand one thing in this post, except long scarves! But I must say it broadened my world. I hear about Dr. Who and he is on Netflix. Guess I’ll have to check him out. And yes, Kyla has a great premise for her first book in the series. Go Kyla!!

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