Writing tips galore!

My author friend J.Q. Rose has put together a fantastic ebook chock-full of tips on writing, publishing, and marketing. As one of the writers asked to contribute to this helpful book, I’m pleased to announce that it’s now available here for just $0.99.

WRITING TIP BOOK COVER picmonkey 40915

Fifteen romance and mystery authors share writing tips they have gleaned from their experiences as “on-the-job” writers. The tips are organized into the main topics of writing, publishing, and marketing. The novelists also reveal the “light bulb moments” in their writing journey, questions they are asked most often, and the best advice on writing they have received. By offering their expertise, the authors hope to smooth the sometimes rocky road for new writers toward a rewarding career in writing.


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Published novelist and Disney World fanatic. Thanks for coming along on this wild ride!
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2 Responses to Writing tips galore!

  1. J.Q. Rose says:

    Your post title is so true. Lots of valuable tips packed in here. So appreciate your participation in the project.

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