Happy Dysfunctional Thanksgiving!

Looking for a fast, fun, wacky mystery to read while prepping for Thanksgiving and enjoying leftovers? The Sound of Sirens is just the thing! Here’s a quick excerpt:

As the applause died down, Tommy said, “Well now, I guess it’s time for grace.” He closed his eyes and bowed his head. Everyone in the room followed suit. I know this because I peeked to make sure I wasn’t the only idiot sitting there with my eyes closed. “Dear Lord, thank you for the gifts you have bestowed upon us. Thank you for the bounty of food we are fortunate enough to enjoy here today, for the love of family and friends, and for success in our endeavors. Amen.” A hushed repetition of “amen” swept through the room like a gentle wave.

I had already picked up my fork, ready to dive into the salad that had just been placed in front of me, when I realized that Tommy wasn’t quite done yet. Still standing there with his eyes closed, he launched into the most beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace I’d ever heard. He sang without microphone or accompaniment, his voice the only instrument needed. As the final note faded away, he opened his eyes, looking almost surprised to see us all there. I was, once again, filled with the sense of contentment that his singing had brought on before. Tommy then smiled and said, “Let’s eat!”

From the salad to the turkey with all the trimmings to the plum pudding and pumpkin pie, the meal was one of the best I ever had. And, being friends with Chef Al, I’ve had some pretty darn good food. I was vaguely aware of the polite dinner conversation going on around me but didn’t contribute much, seeing as I was too busy stuffing my face.

“Isn’t that right, Josie dear?” Mom asked me just as I’d taken a bite of plum pudding.

“Whuh?” I asked through the mouthful of sweet fruity spicy goodness.

Mom gave me an exasperated look, quickly disguised it with a smile, and said, “I was just telling John here that you’re a private investigator.”

“Yah yam.” I said with my still-full mouth. Hurriedly swallowing the huge bite, I clarified, “Yeah, I am.”

“How neat!” The middle-aged guy who must have been John said.

“Fascinating!” chimed in the blonde next to him, who must have been his wife.

“Yup,” I confirmed and took another bite.

“What kind of cases do you handle?” John asked.

“Anything juicy?” Blondie inquired.

I made apologetic gestures while chewing.

“Mostly divorces,” Al explained on my behalf. I nodded and rolled my eyes to express my frustration with the current state of the private detective industry in America.

“Oh,” John said, sounding disappointed.

“Oh!” Blondie said, sounding intrigued.

Thanksgiving dinner with the family can be murder. Especially when someone is actually trying to kill you.

Thanksgiving dinner with the family can be murder. Especially when someone is actually trying to kill you.

The Sound of Sirens, book two of the José Picada series, can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and MuseItUp.


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4 Responses to Happy Dysfunctional Thanksgiving!

  1. A wonderful book. A wonderful series. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. J.Q. Rose says:

    This is a fun read to escape the holiday madness. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Brainerd and Fraser. !!

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