About Us

Hello! We’re David and Heather, a brother/sister writing team who have been working together off and on since childhood. There seems to be an element of mystery in almost everything we write, starting with our silly soap opera-esque mystery stories decades ago (all of which are thankfully lost for good).
We love to co-write, emailing the manuscript back and forth, adding, deleting, and changing as we each see fit. And trying to crack each other up as much as possible. It’s an interesting and entertaining method of writing. We never quite know where it will take us, so we refer to this method as “driving blind.”
Thanks for joining our wild ride!

7 Responses to About Us

  1. ghrothwell says:

    Hi. I am another writer who has dabbled with my muse for many years now. I published early and got a membership in the Authors Guild. But since my wife (now deceased) thought it all foolishness that I would grow out of, I listened to my inner critic and quit for a long time. Then I got hooked at a seminar on screenwriting by several writers (including Madeline DiMaggio and Cammie McGovern) and spent 20 years trying to sell one of the damned things. Did win a couple of contests and was a finalist in several prestigious competitions, including the NICHOLL run by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Recently I sold my first e-story, THE 7th BULL, to MuseItUp, a Canadian e-publisher.

  2. ghrothwell says:

    Hi. Hope that your latest MUI release meets with success. This writing is a tough racket with more lows than highs. But my hat is off to anyone who perseveres and stays the course. Best of luck and warmest regards. Gordon Hugh Rothwell.

  3. caswebb says:

    Hi guys

    you’re a winner over at the Dueling Bards. Shoot me an email at:

    webb.cassy(at)gmail(dot)com and include the text : duel 1 winner – heather : and I’ll contact the author and organize your prize!



  4. I’ve read and enjoyed every novel that Dave and Heather have written. They are exciting and fun reads. Treat yourself! I highly recommend them!

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